Winter and spring

Cross Country Paradise

Winter comes early to our part of the world. The first cross-country tracks are prepared in the end of November, and then we welcome many clubs and teams pre-season training camps.

Later on, at Christmas and New Year our guests enjoy full winter with lots of snow and many kilometres of ski tracks. In March and April, when the days are longer and often sunny, ski touring the mountains can be absolute bliss.

Cross Country

Bruksvallarna lies at the heart of Sweden’s best trail system, with 300 kilometres of cross-country and touring skiing. The village breathes cross-country skiing and has done so for generations. In our valley there are 110 kilometres of groomed cross-country tracks.

In addition, there are several miles of mountain trails that are prepared from the middle of February. In short, we offer world-class skiing for beginners, elite skiers touring skiers, Vasalopp skiers and families.

Ski touring

Towards February and March, the “going on a trip” nerve begins to tug. The sun’s rays begin to warm and the days quickly get longer. Now we dust off the touring skis and the rucksack is filled with sleeping pads, a thermos and something to eat while sitting on the mountain in your sun pit.
But remember that before you go out on the mountain, read general information about our mountain tours and take note of the Mountain Safety Council’s recommendations. Weather and wind can change quickly in a matter of minutes.

Track fee

Go cross-country skiing in magnificent mountain surroundings. In valleys, over high mountains and through birch forests – here 300 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails wind through the entire Funäsfjällen. You can ride everything from long rides on the mountain to short, more hilly courses. To gain access to them, you need a Fjällpass Längd.
By buying Fjällpass Längd, you get access to the area’s cross-country tracks.
You also contribute to preserving a long-term sustainable local environment.


Further down our valley lies the Ramundberget alpine ski resort at the end of the road. Quite a lot of snow falls here every year, and sometimes it is wonderfully fluffy, so that you can never get enough. If you want to expand your views and also try skiing off-piste, the area is set up for wonderful top tours. Either if you put on skins under your skis or have the luxury of it and order a trip or two by helicopter.

Book an appointment with a guide to get the most out of skiing and at the same time be on the safe side when it comes to avalanche knowledge and an update on how the weather has been since the first snow fell.


Funäsfjällens ledbolag maintains an expansive network of trails for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling during the winter season.

Funäsfjällens ledbolag