Our history

Kerstin’s wish

Let’s make a jump to the late 40’s. After a berry and fishing trip, Kerstin and Birger Myhr sat down with friends on the brink by Ljusnan. Then Kerstin said: “I would like to live here and have a hotel”. All said and done, in a little over a year, Birger Myhr with family and friends built the hotel that his wife Kerstin had wished for that summer day.

Fourth generation

In 1994, Mats and Britt’s son Jörgen and his wife Ulla-Britt took over the hotel. The successful collaboration with pre-season training continued and they built a cabin village and an apartment block as a complement to the hotel.

Familjen Myhr


In 2017, their son Magnus took over the business and a new era in Bruksvallsliden’s history began. The waffle hut Kariknallen, located on the mountain and once transported there by the original founders, was purchased. In addition, the interior design store Vävstugan (weaving cabin) was acquired and renovated, and a cabin service was started.