Sports Center

We are passionate about skiing and would be delighted if you could join us. Feel free to drop by the store or check our social media to stay updated on our upcoming events. From a thrilling headlamp excursion up to the tree line with touring skis, to attempting to round a stake with stake skis, there’s always something exciting happening.

Furthermore, we welcome your suggestions for activities that we can participate in together. Come and explore our selection of equipment, including skis, poles, and headlamps. Our “base camp” is situated right outside the store.

Try and buy

In the store we sell what we ourselves like to use. We only have really good equipment. These are things we have tried and use ourselves, clothes that breathe, skis with spans that provide both good glide and grip.
Here you also have the opportunity to test before you decide. Everything from skin skis and headlamps to top touring equipment is available to test. The advantages are obvious – you get clothes and equipment that suit you and your riding style and that work for many seasons. Good for both you and the environment.


In our rental you will find equipment for distance, tour and top tour. For cross-country skiing, choose between skin skis for classic skiing or skate. Length equipment is available in all sizes from shoes 25 to 49.
Our touring skis have both a steel edge and leather. They are narrow enough for our fine mountain tracks and are combined with a sturdy cross-country ski boot. If you have your own hiking boots with BC binding, we also have skis for you. These also work in the cross-country tracks.
The top touring equipment is adapted to the type of terrain that we have on our doorstep. Skis and boots that weigh just over a kilo. The skis have a waist width of 80-90 mm. We also have tranceiver, probe and shovel for rent.

Come along!

Our passion for skiing is contagious, and we would be thrilled to have you join us. Stay up to date with our latest events and activities by checking in with us at the store or on social media. You never know what we might have planned!