Summer and autumn

Hikers’ Delight

The area boasts soft, rolling moors, meandering rivers, and shimmering lakes. In September, the air is crisp and the mountains come alive with vibrant colors. Throughout the summer and autumn months, the mountains offer an array of unforgettable experiences, such as hiking, running, paddling, cycling, and fishing, which create lasting memories. The local food further tantalizes the senses, completing the full sensory experience.


Bruksvallarna is located in the middle of beautiful mountain terrain in an area with an impressive 60 peaks over 1000 meters. Our most famous peak is Mittåkläppen with its characteristic mountain ridge. Below Mittåkläppen are about 20 shacks along the beautiful valley.

The sights include our old mines, which show the story of how it all began once upon a time. During the summer, mining days are organized together with the village team. Then coffee and charcoal buns are offered, which are cooked over an open fire.


There are 423 km of cycle and mountain bike trails in the area. Rent a bike or bring your own. In the month of July, the Fjällturen starts. A really fun MTB race that has anything from 9 km to 70 km long course. Here there is something for everyone in terms of different levels of cycling and wishes for challenges.


As said before, the Ljusnan flows through the Bruksvallarna, which creates perfect opportunities for exciting mountain fishing. It is lakes, rivers and streams that apply, the fish are trout, char, grayling and whitefish. It’s everything from easily accessible family fishing to extreme high mountain waters for the expert. If you want simple tips on easily accessible fishing waters, “Guldvatten” has 11 selected suggestions that we highly recommend. All fishing requires a fishing permit.